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Concerns and Complaints

Complaint and Disciplinary Protocol


The NLFPM is an association that provides accountability to its members through standards of practice, code of ethics, continuing education and when necessary, our disciplinary committee.  It is our priority to ensure that Podiatry care throughout the province is practiced at a high standard amongst its members and that the public has an avenue to voice any areas in which we can improve our services to them.  We welcome both positive and negative feedback from interactions between the public and our members through the contact listing below. In cases where there is concern of misconduct by one of our members or a concern for the health and safety of the public, we request an official complaint be made by the individual through our complaints procedure below.



Submitting a Complaint

To submit a complaint, we ask that it be done so in writing (see address below) and mailed in order to ensure validity and confidentiality. Please write a letter explaining your concerns, the specifics (date, times, names, etc), what you would like to see happen, and your own contact information for follow-up.

Re: Complaints Committee NLFPM

145 Aberdeen Ave, Suite 4

St. John's, NL

A1A 5N6

You will be notified by a member of the complaints committee to ensure that your complaint has been received. Once the complaints committee has met and reviewed the proposed concern, they will attempt to resolve the concern, and contact you promptly to ensure its being dealt with through the proper disciplinary protocols.

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